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Water Power Plants

  • renovation of existing plants
  • modernization of existing plants
  • manufacturing of water wheels 
  • manufacturing of rake cleaning installations
  • dismantling of old plants
  • installation of new plants on site – on demand also diving work
  • coordination and planning
  • reference lists

Renovation of existing plants

  • Manufacturing of turbine bearings for bevel gearbox engines, including massive, vibration-free steel construction
  • Connections between gearbox output shaft and an existing generator available with additional cooling options
  • Installation of hydraulic vane adjustment systems with monitoring
  • Reconstruction of entire electrical control sytems
  • Restoration of turbine impellers, e.g. with special coatings for increased efficiency.
  • Stable base construction and high load carrying capacity

Screen cleaning installation

  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance, service & repairs