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Corporate History
Wackerbauer Maschinenbau

The company Wackerbauer Maschinenbau Stahlbau is familiar with a large variety of manufacturing branches: Process engineering, plant engineering, foodwaste processing,

Special machines, packaging machines, steel constructions, tank construction and helicopter ground equipment, owner of the Bavarian State Prize 2002.

Consultation – Construction – Manufacturing

The range of services offered by Maschinenbau KG Wackerbauer ranges from expert consultation to design and construction of high-quality precision machines and machine parts, which are individually made according to the needs of our customers.

“For us, innovation means finding new ideas on the way to very specific goals, changing things with new ideas or developing them further.”

On an area of about 8500 square meters we have a competitive factory, designed for the best possible production process, equipped with modern, versatile Metalworking, construction department, work preparation, social rooms as well as an office section.

New construction of a warehouse for small parts due to the expansion of the turning shop around the former small parts storage area.

Presentation of the Bavarian State Prize 2013 for the TM75 separating mill.

The Johann Wackerbauer Maschinenbau KG has been renamed to Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH with the new managing directors in the 3rd generation.

The factory area is expanded by the construction of a new assembly hall and the addition of stories on the office building.

The 100th helilifter is delivered!

Within the scope of the trade fair in Munich, Maschinenbau KG Wackerbauer is awarded the 2002 Bavarian State Prize for the helicopter hoist and transportation device.

Due to the necessity of spatial enlargements, Hans-Günther Wackerbauer decided in 1989 to move the entire Altmühldorf plant to Ampfing.

In 1985 Hans-Günther Wackerbauer senior took over the mechanical engineering business from founder Johann Wackerbauer.

12 years later, in 1959 the production changes to mechanical engineering and the extension of the factory.

Together with his wife Therese, the mill master builder Johann Wackerbauer founded a mill factory which has approximately 60 employees in 1947.



Back in 1949 – 1952 the founders’ family Therese and Johann Wackerbauer presented their milling machines at the munich crafts exhibition.